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Stand high on the volcanic ridge and track the rim of this ancient volcano with your eyes. Watch as it gently slopes down and is engulfed by the deep blue of the Mediterranean. You’re standing above the village of Pollara – its history is as unique as its geology. Walk the piazza in Ragusa Ibla and find a church with a distinct arch. The name of the town gives away its Greek past, but the arch was built by the Normans and is clearly Gothic. The façade is visibly Baroque, constructed 600 years later. This is Sicily, a land of dramatic contrast. Each scent, each color, each flavor, each view, each face tells a new story of the history of Sicily. A place coveted, captured and conquered by Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Saracens and Normans. And now it’s your turn to claim it.

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sicily bicycle tours

farmers market in Sicily, Italy

Biking in Sicily, Italy

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Sicily bicycle tours

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